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March 13, 2009

Steiner education = Anthroposophical education, official

The different names UK Steiner schools adopt might lead you to expect a difference amongst such schools as to how they put into practice an Anthroposophical education. Not so. If you want a verified and standardised Anthroposophical education then look no further than to any school listed as being a member of the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (SWSF).

Regarding Anthroposophy and its relation to schools, the SWSF website FAQ states:

Anthroposophy is a philosophy based on the work of Dr Rudolf Steiner and this philosophy underpins the ethos of a Steiner school.

The FAQ alone points to Steiner and Anthroposophical education being equivalent terms and a government commissioned study confirms this to be the case. Originally published as ‘Steiner schools in England’, the study as published is here referred to as the Woods Report after Professor Woods of University of the West of England, its lead author and researcher.

SWSF and its schools participated in the study, SWSF and many of its schools’ websites point to the Woods Report as an endorsement of Anthroposophical education. Via the controversial academies programme (see here e.g.),  government commenced state funding of Anthroposophical education after publishing the Woods Report.

Now, Rudolf Steiner was undoubtedly a clever chap. He was also a self-proclaimed clairvoyant. Or, as the Woods Report puts it (page 97):

Anthroposophy is based on Rudolf Steiner’s direct insight into spiritual realities

The Woods Report (page 97) also enlightens as to the usage of  the somewhat ambiguous term ‘ethos’ in the SWSF FAQ:

Steiner education is grounded in the principles of anthroposophy and Steiner’s educational philosophy. From these roots come the importance attached to a particular understanding of child development, concepts integral to Steiner schools’ pedagogy…

What are the concepts ‘integral to Steiner schools’ pedagogy’ and what is this ‘particular understanding of child development’?

Well, re the concepts, again on page 97 of the Woods Report, government is informed that:

Anthroposophy is based on Rudolf Steiner’s direct insight into spiritual realities and ‘involves concepts, such as karma, the Divine, re-incarnation and the soul.

The ‘particular understanding of child development’, is characterised as Anthroposophical on page 84 of the Woods Report:

(An) understanding of child development according to the principles of anthroposophy is at the core and heart of Steiner education…

Elsewhere on page 84 is an example of Steiner’s Anthroposophical educational philosophy. The Woods Report notes there that Steiner education sees

(the role of the teacher) as a sacred task in helping each child’s soul and spirit incarnate in the world.

Steiner education is Anthroposophical education in the sense that the education is delivered according to Anthroposophical principles and from an Anthroposophical perspective, not in the sense that such schools teach Anthroposophy to children. The above short extracts from the Woods Report demonstrate that Steiner education = Anthroposophical education. Its philosophy and pedagogy – the core ingredients of any educational system – are Anthroposophical. And that’s official.


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  3. I would like to mention – somewhat after the event, now – but such things as clairvoyance cannot be “self-proclaimed”: insights such as Rudolf Steiner had are available for all who really try to discover them.

    The only problem is, as I am now aware, it is incredibly difficult for the person trained in Western-style thinking to become aware of even the tiniest fragments of what lies “beyond the veil”.

    Much of the effort Steiner put into developing his educational philosophies lay in allowing children to retain the ability to think in broader terms than mainstream schooling supports.

    Comment by Gem — April 5, 2010 @ 9:22 pm

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